First drugstore opened in Asheville, NC


Smith Drug Company established in Spartanburg, SC


Smith Data Processing created


Smith Data Processing established as a division


Installation of first QS/1 Pharmacy System


Company becomes J M Smith Corporation


QS/1 established as separate division


Smith Premier Services established as division


Integral Solutions Group division formed


Company named to World's Most Ethical Companies

RxMedic Systems, Inc., acquired


Recognized as South Carolina’s third largest private company

Our History

The J M Smith Corporation was born from the seed of a single pharmacy opened in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1925 by James M. Smith Sr. Smith actually prospered during the Great Depression and opened 15 other pharmacies in the Carolinas and Georgia, partnering with a local pharmacist in each store. The consummate businessman, he traveled over the roads of that day to visit each store every week.

In December 1943, Smith founded Smith Drug Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina, as a distributor of wholesale drugs, first to supply the Smith Drug Store chain, then to other pharmacies across the Southeast. As the wholesale distribution expanded, he began divesting his interest in the pharmacies.

In 1959, under the direction of Smith’s son, James Smith Jr., the company began utilizing the unused capacity on its new IBM mainframe computer to provide data processing services to area businesses and local government agencies under the name Smith Data Processing. Then, in 1977, the QS/1 Pharmacy System was launched, bringing automation to America’s pharmacies.

With its technology offerings soaring, the company changed its name to the J M Smith Corporation in 1979 and created two divisions, Smith Drug Company and Smith Data Processing. In 1990, QS/1 was established as a third division of the company.

Since then, the company has continued to expand, most recently acquiring RxMedic.