J M Smith Corporation & QS/1 Announce Leadership Changes

Spartanburg, SC – QS/1 President William R. Cobb is leaving his post of 21 years to assume the full-time position as CEO of QS/1’s parent company, the J M Smith Corporation. The corporation has appointed Tammy Devine as QS/1’s new president. The changes will be effective May 9.

Cobb, who assumed the presidency of QS/1 in 1990, has served as chairman and CEO of the corporation since 1998, but in a part-time capacity. According to Cobb, the growth of the company the past 12 years has led to the need of a full-time CEO. In those 12 years, the J M Smith Corporation has grown from $300 million in revenue to $2 billion and a workforce of over 1,000.

Under Cobb’s supervision, QS/1 has grown fourfold since 1990. Its workforce has increased from 80 people to over 500, most of which are in Spartanburg. The company has become the premier developer of technology and services for pharmacies.

During her career at QS/1, Devine, who is currently QS/1’s executive vice president, has managed software development, marketing and operations. A native of Marion, NC, Devine has earned Bachelor and Master of Business Administration Degrees from the University of South Carolina. She serves on the Converse College Board of Trustees as well as the SC State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

Cobb said, “While I have thoroughly enjoyed my work at QS/1, the corporation has grown such that it needs full-time attention. There is so much potential with our various business units, I am excited about working with each of them as we move forward.

“And, being able to leave QS/1 in such capable hands as Tammy Devine, it makes it a lot easier to let go. There is no one better prepared than Tammy to lead QS/1 into the future. She’s led virtually every segment of the company at one time or another. She will do a great job,” he added.

“There is one other thing,” said Cobb. “It’s also a historic day for the J M Smith Corporation in that Tammy will be the first woman to lead one of our divisions.”

“I’m honored to be selected for this position,” said Devine. “This is a great company and a great division. And, we have great people working here. It’s because of them that we’ve been able to attain market leadership and are positioned so well for the future.”

The J M Smith Corporation is the third largest privately held company in South Carolina and operates through five business units: QS/1, Smith Drug Company, Integral Solutions Group, Smith Premier Services,  – all in Spartanburg; and RxMedic in Raleigh, NC.