In the business of health care and technology, integrity means everything.

That’s not just a statement, it’s one of J M Smith Corporation’s central business values: we are committed to operating with integrity—to being transparent, responsible and proactive about protecting, serving and helping the people and communities we serve.

We operate in highly complex and highly regulated industries. Our corporation and business units must therefore remain vigilant about data security, HIPAA compliance, and other regulations. We regularly complete audits and certifications, and we are proud of our reputation for maintaining the highest standards. We know that achieving these standards is about much more than meeting the law—it’s about ensuring the safety and security of our customers.

J M Smith Corporation and our business units meet the following accreditations:

EHNAC: The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission
Accreditations by EHNAC require us to demonstrate that we have effective controls in place to minimize threats to PHI and data integrity.

  • ePAP-EHN covers e-prescribing networks
  • HNAP EHN is for companies or organizations whose electronic health networks perform claims clearinghouse or EDI gateway functions

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

  • Surescripts® e-Prescribing
  • Emdeon® e-Prescribing
  • DEA EPCS Certification through ComplySmart

EPCS: Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances
A ruling from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the EPCS allows healthcare professionals to write prescriptions for controlled substances electronically. It also permits pharmacies to receive, dispense and archive these electronic prescriptions.

Through our DEA EPCS Certification via ComplySmart, our pharmacies can accept Surescripts and Emdeon e-Prescribing.

Microsoft Partner Program – Gold Certified Partner Status
Integra has Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in Application Development, which recognizes Integra’s expertise and impact in the technology marketplace. As a Gold Certified Partner, Integra has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to meet customers’ needs.

PCI: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Our payment products are PCI compliant.

  • PCI-DSS covers QS/1’s payment gateway
  • PA-DSS covers the POS PaySentry product

VAWD: Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors
The VAWD is administered by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). To be VAWD-accredited, the Smith Drug Company passed a compliance review, which included an audit of policies and procedures, license verification, a survey of operations, and screening from the NABP. The VAWD is in place to prevent counterfeit or contaminating drugs from entering the U.S. or being distributed to the public.


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