J M Smith Leadership Featured on Recent Edition of the Pharmacy Podcast Show

Turfe, Factor, Welch Discuss Company, Industry Developments

The nation’s leading podcast covering the pharmacy industry recently featured an in-depth interview with J M Smith Corporation leadership. Alan Turfe, CEO and Chairman, J M Smith Corporation, Saul Factor, president of Smith Drug Company, and Kevin Welch, president of QS/1 and Integra LTC Solutions, all were interviewed on the episode, which can be heard on the Helium Radio Network.

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Welch was named Chief Technology Officer for J M Smith Corporation in 2017. In the CTO role, he oversees the development of innovative technology, streamlining the process of bringing pharmacy solutions to market. Welch became part of J M Smith Corporation with the acquisition of Integra, which he founded in 1997. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Operations Research and Engineering Management from Stanford University and has served in senior positions at Genentech, Symantec and Microsoft. During his career he has designed and developed many industry-leading software applications and systems.

Factor spent the first ten years of his career as both a retail and long-term care pharmacist before moving into leadership positions with PCS, Eli Lilly and RxAmerica. Prior to joining J M Smith Corporation, he was President, Global Sourcing and Generics at McKesson Corporation. A native of New York, Factor earned a BS in pharmacy from Northeastern University in Boston and an MBA from the University of New Haven.

J M Smith Corporation, headquartered in Spartanburg, is South Carolina’s third-largest privately owned company. Today, the corporation is focused in the areas of health care and technology, and operates through multiple business units, including Smith Drug Company, QS/1, Integral Solutions Group, RxMedic Systems, Integra LTC Solutions and Burlington Drug Company. For more information, visit www.JMSmithCorp.com.

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