Bettering the Communities We Live and Work In

When our founder started the Smith Drug Company in the late 1920s, he made clear to his employees that they should always focus on improving the lives of the people they serve and the towns they call home. It’s a value that ensured Smith’s drug stores would survive the Depression and flourish across the Southeast – and it’s a value we hold dear today. From our corporate headquarters to our business units to the J M Smith Foundation, we’ve never lost that dedication to serving our community.

Matching Employee Donations

J M Smith Corporation believes in supporting the causes that are most important to our employees. The J M Smith Foundation offers matching donations when our employees make charitable donations. That means that each year, we match up to $7,000 per employee, essentially doubling that employee’s ability to make an impact on the organizations he or she wants to support. It’s our way of showing our employees that we care about them and about the charities they want to support.

Smith Drug Branded Car

Celebrating Spartanburg

J M Smith Corporation is responsible for some of Spartanburg’s loveliest green spaces and most dynamic office spaces. With a focus on innovation, public art and corporate stewardship, J M Smith Corporation has focused on building projects that improve and celebrate Spartanburg.

Spartan Centre, a building on W. St. John Street built and owned by J M Smith Corporation, was designed to be surrounded by greenspaces featuring unique conifer landscapes over a one-block radius. Recognizing that downtown Spartanburg needed unique event space, J M Smith renovated Indigo Hall, which now features a combination of modern touches and historic property, lined in lush landscaping. Most recently, the company installed a circular granite map of Spartanburg in the upper park behind the flower clock, offering a touchstone for residents and visitors alike to connect with downtown Spartanburg.

J M Smith Corporation’s contributions to improve Spartanburg are detailed in the book, From Concrete to Conifers: The beautification of downtown Spartanburg.

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